What Do Rodents Eat?


Rodents eat broccoli, leafy greens, apples, carrots, garden peas, celery, meal worms, pasta, spaghetti, cereal and bread. They also eat maize, nuts, wheat, meat, soap, eggs and livestock feed. Rodents are omnivorous and they will eat almost anything they find.
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Rats are the ultimate scavenger rodent. Black rats tend to eat more grains, vegetables and fruits compared to the brown rat family members that prefer meat and other human-grade food
well rats can but only if you dont give one vegetables.
A major part of the Rattle snakes diet is rodents.
Rats and mice will try to eat anything.
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Rodents will eat almost anything. Most rodents prefer grains, livestock feed and meats. Some will eat things such as soap, leather, fur, candy and other rodents.
Rodents have a diverse diet, but most will eat fruits, vegetables, grass, seeds, insects, or even fish. Some also eat food scraps from humans.
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