What Do Rolly Pollys Eat?


Pill bugs which are known to most children as Roly Pollies mostly eat rotting vegetation. The prefer vegetables and fruits found in their habitats which are wet locations. Organic garbage sites and covered dump objects are the preferred living conditions for these organisms.
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Everything! They're delicious, by the way.
Rollie Pollie: In Ireland we call these fellows "woodlice" (because they like decaying/rotting wood, timber, etc.) or "slaters" (because of their slate colour)
Rolly Polly's (or Pill Bugs) eat decaying plants and animals and some living plants. So,
Rolly Pollies eat dead or decaying plants and animals, fungal spores, and bacteria. Occasionally, they'll nibble on young plants. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February
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The diet of rolly pollies, or pill bugs, typically consists of decaying vegetation that is often found in mulched areas near people's homes.
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Rollie pollies or Armadillidiidae don't appear to drink water, but eat waste and leftovers. They are related to wood lice and wood louse. These insects eat waste ...
Rolly Pollies prefer moist areas and often found living in soil and also under decaying leaves, dead logs and rocks. Pill bugs basically eat decaying plants and ...
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