What Do Roly Polys Eat?


Roly poly's are little bugs that roll themselves up into balls when they are frightened. Most of these little guys eat dead plant material. They eat things like mulch, dead leaves and grass clippings.
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What Do Roly-Poly Bugs Eat?
Often called "roly-poly" bugs because of their ability to roll into tight balls when disturbed, pillbugs are not bugs at all; they're crustaceans closely related to lobsters and crayfish. Although they have no economic importance, these tiny land... More »
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Woodlice or pill bugs also know as roly polys eat on dead plant matter. The have been know to eat on strawberries too. They recycle the nutrients back into the soil.
Roley Polys or Pill bugs generally eat things such as rotting vegetation. They like to eat rotting wood, leaves, and sometimes the feces of other mammals.
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