What Do Roosters Eat?


Roosters mainly feed on grains, cereals, worms and small insects. They can also eat chicken feed, which usually comes in mash or pellets. Chicken feed provides complete nutrition for full sized hens and full grown roosters.
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Roosters love fresh corn, cooked rice, cheese and noodles. Hence, while you dine with your family, you can occasionally feed them these food scraps. Roosters also generally like leafy
What I feed My 1 month old rooster is dog food with water.
Roosters and chickens like greens, like grass, spinach, and lettuce. They also eat snails,
Mostly grain or other seeds, some insects.
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What Do Roosters Eat?
Roosters have their individual food preferences just like people. Typically, both roosters and hens forage for plants, worms and bugs -- and feed on scratch; such as corn, millet, sunflower seeds and oyster shells, which provide the necessary nutrients. ... More »
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Roosters eat grains, cereals worms and bugs. If you buy food is is probably going to be pellets or mash. They like to walk around grass and find own food. You can find more information here: http://www.angelfire.com/oh/ZebraDirectory/faq.html
Roosters will eat laying pellets along with the hens. They will also eat oyster shells, vegetable and fruit scraps as well as grass. The oyster shells will produce a strong yolk in the eggs.
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