What Do Rottweilers Eat?


Some of the foods that rottweilers eat are meat and rice. The amount of food they consumes depends on age, activity level, if nursing or pregnant. However, they are required to eat at least 0.5 kg of food each day.
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What Do Rottweilers Eat?
Rottweilers are typically sizable dogs and are even stronger than their size would indicate. Europeans used them for cattle herding and to pull carts. They can knock over a full-grown man and are generally known as fierce animals. These dogs eat certain... More »
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A good brand of dry dog food is Nitro. Whatever food you decide on, check the ingredient list on the back of the bag and look for Chicken By-Products. If this is one of the ingredients of the food you've chosen, consider another. Essentially Chicken By-Products are the leftovers, beaks and feet. They're filler and only help your dog to leave more waste outside.
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