What Do Salamanders Eat?


The feeding habits of salamanders depend on the species. However, most salamanders feed on insects and worms such as kingworms and black worms. Salamanders are types of amphibians with slender body, short nose and long thick tail.
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The main food for salamanders is insects, bugs and small amphibians, although they are not selective on food. There are three types of salamanders: aquatic salamander, semi aquatic salamander and terrestrial salamander. Aquatic salamander lives in the water while semi aquatic salamander lives primarily on land but hibernate during the winter season.
Salamanders will eat it's egg shell. They will also eat infuus which are micro-organisms that live in pond water. Salamanders will also eat mosquito larvae. You can find more information here: http://members.chello.nl/a.kente/salamanders-english-Feeding-and-housing.htm
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