What Do Scorpion Eat?


A scorpion is a predator that eats insects such as crickets and small animals. A scorpion can eat its own kind if food is not enough. Some large species of scorpions are known to kill small birds and animals.
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Scorpions eat small arthropods and insects.
Scorpions usually eat other insects and small animals. In the absence of food, scorpions attack each other and eat the weak and dead ones. However, the most favoured part of their diet is wild crickets.
Scorpions are fed on by lizards as well as other scavengers and predators such as vultures. Scorpions are predators whose main food supply is crickets, small animals and birds. If scorpions are kept in captivity, they should be provided with crickets and enough water.
Scorpions are carnivores (meat-eaters) that paralyze their prey with a stinger located at the tip of the tail. They eat insects and small rodents.
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