What Do Sea Crabs Eat?


Sea crabs normally get their food from coral polyps. They also eat mud and sand off the beach and these are especially the ghost crabs and fiddler crabs. Crabs such as coral crabs normally defend themselves by using anemones.
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Coral crabs, which are found in warmer parts of the tropical oceans, get their food from coral
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There are many types of crabs, over 45,000 different types. Crab food can vary depending on species, such as a coral crab will eat from coral polyps. Pebble crabs and box crabs will eat marine snails. You can find more information here: http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215242/crabs.htm
Sea crabs are omnivores and therefore eat a variety of plants and animals. They will eat small fish that they catch as well as seaweed and other sea plants.
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