What Do Sea Lions Eat?


Sea lions are carnivores that mainly eat fish. The types of fish they eat include: rockfish, Pacific cod, capelin, squid and octopus. Male sea lions do not eat during the breeding season as they spend most of time taking care of their young.
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Sea lions are carnivores which means they eat meat. Sea lions eat fish like salmon, Pollock, herring, anchovies, rockfish and flounder. They also eat squid and octopus.
Sea lions are big eaters and like a lot of different things to eat. Hake, opaleye, squid and octopuses are some of their favorite. Sea lions also love fish, at least 50 different kinds of fish. You can find more information here: http://www.seaworld.org/animal-info/info-books/california-sea-lion/diet.htm
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