What Do Sea Worms Eat?


Sea worms are mainly eaten by shrimps. They also have many more predators thus they usually stay hidden and are not often seen. They are also eaten by people living along the coasts of France, Italy and Spain.
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The diet of different species of sea worms is varied; however, the following are some of the major food sources for the animal: Rods, Coral, Sea Anemones, Tunicates and Bivalve molluscs. Most species of this animal have feeding tentacles that are well aligned in a variety of bright colours.
Sea worms are considered to be very destructive to boats and other marine equipment because they can eat through wood and fiberglass. Sea worms mainly eat other dead animals, but they have been known to attach themselves to the bottom of boats that do not have a proper protective coating and eat away at their surfaces.
Depending on the species, sea worms can eat plankton, tiny cilia, or left over meals from sea stars. The ruffled scale worm always stays with a sea star in order to eat the left over meals. You can find more information here: http://www.ci.edmonds.wa.us/Discovery_programs_website/Worms.html
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