What Do Sharks Eat?


Sharks are prey for other larger sharks and larger orcas. Sharks prey on plankton, squid, and small fish by filter feeding whereby they swallow large number of fish all as they move through the water.
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Most of the shark feed on meat and they normally have powerful jaws and teeth which facilitates help to rip through meat and bones. They also eat crab, squid, and lobster in areas where it is available. However, majority of the species have different feeding habits depending on where they live.
All sharks are carnivores eating off living flesh whilst some species may possibly consume carrion, which is made up of the remains of fish and some other aquatic animals such as seals that have already died.
Most sharks are meat eaters; they have very powerful jaws and teeth which enable them to rip through meat and bones with ease. When feeding, they thrash from side to side as they eat to enable them to rip larger chunks of meat. Interestingly, it is not uncommon for larger sharks to prey on smaller ones.
Sharks are of different species and have different feeding habits which depend on the location.Majority of them are meat eaters like other fish while others feed on small aquatic life like clams.
What sharks eat depends on the type of shark and the availability of food. There are predator sharks and scavenger sharks. Predator sharks are carnivorous; they hunt large, meaty prey such as dolphins, sea lions, and large fish. They have strong, powerful jaws and can easily rip flesh from bone and even bite through bone. Sometimes - and especially when they've been hungry for a while - these sharks will go into frenzy when they smell blood. When this happens, they will temporarily lose their vision and go into attack mode, eating any animal that they can smell; during these times they may bite or eat humans, but sharks do not actively hunt humans.Scavenger sharks mostly drift along the sea floor, and tend to be smaller animals. Their appetites are not as specialized as the appetites of predator sharks; they are content to eat smaller, less protein-rich prey such as mollusks, squid, clams, and lobsters when available. These types of sharks rarely, if ever, go aggressively after fast-swimming prey.If a shark cannot find food, it can survive for some time from the oil in its liver; it will feed again when opportunity presents itself.
A shark's diet depends on its species and how big it is. All sharks eat meat. There are three species of filter feeding sharks, but even they are technically meat-eaters. You can find more information here: http://www.seaworld.org/animal-info/info-books/sharks-&-rays/diet.htm
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