What Do Skunks Eat?


Skunks have an incredibly varied diet. They are known to eat mice, eggs, lizards, frogs, birds, beetles, worms, garbage, acorns, and fruit. However, they seem to specifically favor sunflowers and bird seed.
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Skunks eat insects, larvae, earthworms, rodents, lizards, berries, roots and fungi.
Skunks eat insects lots of which are pests to humans. They can also consume some plant material such as wild fruits, apples and corn. During winter and spring, skunks can eat mice and eggs of ground-nesting birds.
Animals that are known to eat skunks are owls as they do not get intimidated by the terrible chemical that skunks spray on their predators. Other animals do not dare come near skunks due to the smelly odour they excrete..
The diet of skunks mostly consists of insects, but they will also eat plants and fruit. In warmer months they will eat mice and eggs of birds that are within reach. You can find more information here: http://pleasebekind.com/skunk.html
Skunks like to eat a variety of foo. They will eat insects, larvae, earthworms, rodents, lizards, berries, roots, and fungi. They will eat plants as well.
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