What Do Slugs Eat?


Ripe strawberries are a favorite meal for slugs. In addition to the strawberries, they like many kinds of plants, including corn, lettuce, beans, and flowers of all kinds. They are dependent on moisture for development and extent of activity.
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1. Inspect the undersides of hosta leaves for any signs of slugs. Although slugs appear at night and hide under old logs or moist leaves during the day, you may be able to capture
slugs eat many things; usually things such as vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, etc) or plants.
Weeds are less attractive to slugs & snails due to them having a built in chemical in them that tastes nasty. Other plants are sweet. There are many weeds that are extremely
Red-striped Garter Snakes eat Banana Slugs. Sound pretty gross to me, but I hear the Garter
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The slugs like to eat plants, fungus and decaying vegetable material. They consume their food using a radula which is a rough tongue-like organ that contains thousands of tiny tooth-like protrusions called denticles. Some of the slugs are also predators.
Some of the foods that are eaten by slugs include: plants, fungus and decaying vegetable material. They are hermaphroditic that is they have both sex organs. Their main predators are birds, fish, frogs, snakes, turtles, raccoons and shrews.
Slugs eat various kinds of plant material.
Slugs eat plants. Slugs can generally be found munching on garden plants during the night, they are a hazard to any garden despite their unassuming appearance.
Slugs eat a variety of leafy plants. They crawl over the plants and eat it while they crawl. Their favorite foods are cucumber and oxylis.
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