What Do Snail Eat?


Snails usually eat fruits, vegetables, algae, plants and dirt. They usually prefer plants that are decaying, because it is easier for them to digest and is a good meal for them. Snails are strictly herbivores, and they are usually found in the garden.
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Many types of birds, predominantly water birds like geese and gulls, regularly eat snails while some snakes also eat them. Being at the bottom of most food chains, and nearly outside of most food webs, a lot of creatures prefer to eat snails.
Snails are fed on by different types of birds particularly water birds such as geese and gulls. Some snakes eat snails as well as other mammals such as raccoons and even people from certain cultures.
Terrestrial snails are herbivorous and therefore they mainly feed on plants and plant material, such as leaves, roots, stems, and soft bark. They also eat fruits as well as algae. They have a rough tongue known as a radula, which they use to put food into their mouths.
There are 2 types of snails, land snails and water snails.and snails are mainly herbivorous, which means they eat plant life. Water snail mainly feed on the algae that will naturally grow on the inside of your fish tank or fish bowl
Snails tend to feed on a variety of items found in their habitat such as plants, fruits, vegetables and algae. Decaying plants are their most favourable meal. What the snails will consume typically depends on where they live and the species.
Some of the common items that snails feed on include: fruits, plants, algae and vegetables. Plants that are decomposing are often a perfect meal for snails. What they normally feed on depends on where they live and their species.
Some of the foods that snails feed on include mushrooms, fruit, leaves, bark, flowers, and algae. They also eat limestone, chalk, damp paper, and cardboard. Snails' mouths are situated on the lower area of the head, near the short tentacles.
Snails will eat plants, algae, fruit, vegetables, and decaying matter. Snails are an important aspect of the food chain because they help get rid of decomposing animals and plants.
There are many species of snails and each has different dietary requirements. Many terrestrial snails are herbivorous and eat only plants, including stems, bark, algae and leaves. You can find more information here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2103388_care-pet-snail.html
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