What Do Snake Eggs Look like?


Unlike birds, snakes lay their eggs underground for protection and for incubation. The color and shape of the snake egg may vary on the kind of snake (although there isn't too much variation).

Most snake eggs are small, slightly oval-shaped, and leathery to the touch. In contrast to bird eggs, which are hard, snake eggs are soft. Other snake eggs are bumpy and others look like bird eggs, depending on the region.
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Snake eggs are not as hard as bird eggs but they are instead soft like leather. The baby snake breaks out of the egg by using a particular egg tooth which it then loses after being born.
The eggs of snakes are usually oblong. A few will lay some that are bumpy looking or that are about the size of a grain of rice. Most will look a bit like bird eggs. They may start to deflate as they get ready to hatch.
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The common black rat snake lays small, white or yellowish eggs. They typically do this in late spring, and will choose a dark, dank location for their nest. For more information,
Copperheads do not lay (external) eggs. They bear live young.
1. Lift up the egg. Reptile eggs can survive brief, gentle handling. If the shell is hard, then it's a bird egg. The shell should feel leathery and have some give to it. 2. Take the
Snake eggs look different depending on the type, they can look like bird eggs or be
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You will not be able to see a garter snake egg. The egg stays within the womb of the snake until it is born. ...
Copperhead snakes don't lay eggs. They give birth to live babies. Most snakes do lay eggs. Snake eggs have a leather feel to them and are oblong. They resemble ...
There are several varieties of black snakes. How their eggs look depends on the species. Most eggs look like very large grains of rice. Think about the size of ...
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