What does a snapping turtle look like?


Snapping turtles feed on a variety of fish, frogs, waterfowl, snakes turtles, as well as wild apples, water plants, and acorns. In zoos, they are usually fed on cooked lean meat, chicken, turkey and fish.
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Snapping turtles are carnivores and scavengers. These turtles will also eat plants if there is a shortage of other food. Their diet primarily consists of live and dead fish. They also eat invertebrates and amphibians. Snapping turtles have been known on occasion to eat other turtles.
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Big animals in the wild will eat snapping turtles. Examples of such animals would include alligators, bears, foxes, raccoons, and skunks. These animals are one ...
Being omnivores, snapping turtles will eat animal and plant matter. Smaller turtles, frogs, small mammals, birds, fish, and crabs are all prey of the snapping ...
Alligator snapping turtles eat fish, and even smaller turtles. The freshwater turtle features a worm-like projectile on its mouth to lure food in. Wild alligator ...
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