What Do Snowy Owls Eat?


Snowy owls are native to tundra areas. They are excellent hunters and carnivores. They eat smaller birds and enjoy small mammals, like mice, and also fish. They are known to store food to be eaten later.
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These beautiful owls, Snowy owl, eats other birds, fish, insects, amphibians (frogs) and crustaceans. These owls can grow to have a wingspan up to almost 6 feet.
The snowy owl is one of the most beautiful owls there are. They can get up to 27in tall and wide, and they live to be about 28 years old. Snowy owls feast on mostly meat ranging from small varmints to large rabbits.
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Two predators of the snowy owl are falcons and foxes, but the greatest danger is humans who may hunt the snowy owl for trophies or food, according to the University ...
Foxes, jaegers, dogs, wolves and large birds are predators of snowy owls. Many owls are also killed by humans. Snowy owls are very protective of their young, swooping ...
The snowy owl is not considered an endangered species but its numbers is directly tied to the number of lemmings available in the arctic environment. When lemming ...
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