What Do Spirit Bears Eat?


The Spirit bear is also known by The Kermode bear found around British Columbia. Their diet consists mainly of Salmon. They will also eat berries, insects, mice and nuts.
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The Spirit Bear eats the same thing as the Black Bear would. The species primarily feeds on vegetable matter, including roots, and fungi. Fish are a primary source of meat, though
Bag yourself a polar bear. This is best done on the nearest available ice floe. Tenderize the meat. This will take some doing, as polar bear meat is very tough. Boil the meat. Raw
the basic situation in touching spirit bear is Cole dies.
In terms of killing it and then eating it, there is really nothing other then humans, and because any other possible animals that could maybe take down a bear don't live in habitats
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The bear does not get ate by any kind of animal because they are at the top of the food chain. Every great once in awhile you might hear of a human eating them, ...
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