What Do Squids Eat?


Squids are carnivorous creatures feeding on various types of small fish, crabs and shrimp. They have been documented to feed on other smaller squid than them too. They hunt on their own and actually consume a great deal of food.
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sperm whales, Beluga whales - animals that eat squid practice Teuthophagy.
Seven squid species are known as the world's smallest squid. They all measure less than 1 inch in length, and are found in the Southwestern Pacific waters off the coast of Australia
Squids eat many things, including fishes and shrimps. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
There are 300 species of squid in the ocean. Like the cuttlefish a squid has four pairs of arms and a pair of tentacles. A squid belongs to the class marine cephalopods and order
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Squid are fed on by whales, southern elephant seals and sharks. Squid is also a popular food in the Mediterranean region where it is fried and preferably served plain, with salt and lemon on the side.
A squid is known to feed on fish, crabs, shrimp and zooplankton. It is also known to eat clams and other molluscs or small marine animals. A large squid can also feed on deep-sea fish and sharks if possible.
Squids eat fish, shrimp as well as other squid. Squids are fast-moving carnivores ad they catch their prey using two feeding tentacles. Squids also have their own predators such as sharks, fish, whales, squid, and people.
Squid eat fish, crustaceans (like shrimp), and other squid. These fast-moving carnivores (meat-eaters) catch prey with their two feeding tentacles, then hold the prey with the eight arms and bite it into small pieces using a parrot-like beak.
Squid eat crabs, shrimp, and different types of smaller fish. Squid will also eat plankton. Some squid have also eaten other smaller squid, too.
There are different sizes of squid. The smaller size squids tend to eat types of small shrimp and fish. However, the giant squid will eat larger marine life such as smaller squid and sharks. You can find more information here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-do-squid-eat.html
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Squid will eat shrimp, fish and pieces of foods from marine animals that may float by. Squids come in different sizes. The larger ones will eat larger fish. ...
Squids eat using these two long tentacles that grab their pray. They then hold the catch with their arms and tear it off into small pieces that they eat with their ...
The kind of fish squid eat depends on the size and kind of squid. Small squids will eat shrimp and small fish. The larger squids eat other, smaller squids and ...
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