What Do Sting Rays Eat?


Stingrays are either bottom feeders or swimmer feeders. The bottom feeders eat things like crabs, clams, worms, and just about anything in a shell. The swimmers can bottom feed, but they also eat plankton for the majority of their diet. You can find more information here: http://www.interestinganimals.net/what_do_stingrays_eat/what_do_stingrays_eat.html
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Bluntnose Stingrays eat crustaceans, aquatic worms, shrimps and fishes.
Stingrays are bottom feeders and snails make up about 50 percent of a stingray's diet. They also eat things like crab, shrimp and other small invertebrates.
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Stingrays mostly eat mollusks and crustaceans. They do sometimes eat small fish, however, not often. Because their mouths are on their underside, they swim over their meals and suck
Sting Rays will eat Ghost Shrimp and larger shrimp. You should remove the shells. They also
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The main foods for stingrays are crustaceans, molluscs, small fish, clams and different species of crustacean. Stingrays are mostly common in coastal tropical ...
A sting ray is a type of fish that can be found in the ocean. They can grow up to 6.5 feet long and are carnivores. They have a poisonous barb (or stinger) that ...
Sting Rays are a flat ocean animal found on the ocean floor in temperate waters. They have a long pointy tail that is primarily used for protection.You can find ...
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