What Eats Stink Bugs?


Stink bugs eat crops like soybeans as well as leaves, flowers and fruits. They also prey on other pests, such as caterpillars. Stink bugs live in orchards, gardens and farms where they can cause a lot of damage.
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Stink bugs are not all the same. In the United States, two principle varieties of stink bug are found, and each has different susceptibilities to natural predators in the environment
From: Est-ut-sic : I have observed Black Widow Spiders (Latrodectus hesperas) both in the wild and 2 in captivity that absolutely loved sucking stink bugs dry. For the 2 in captivity
Stink bugs are aptly named because they have small glands located on their thorax that are
Try some boric acid powder or baby powder.
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Stink bugs live on farms and in orchard and like to eat leaves, fruit and other bugs. Stink bugs are not a danger to humans but do cause a lot of damage to crops.
Stink bugs eat different fruits, flowers, leaves, pests such as caterpillars, and even soybean crops. Although they do cause a lot of damage to plants and crops, they do not harm humans.
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