What Do Swordfish Eat?


Swordfish eat various fish including herring, mackerel, and hake as well as octopus and squid. They use their sharp snout to slice larger fish. Swordfish can swim up to speeds of 50 miles per hour.
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Swordfish eat fishes and squids.
Swordfish normally eat dead and wounded fish. They kill their prey by swinging their bills, which are sharp, back and forth at the prey. They also eat squid, octopus as well as a variety of crustaceans.
Swordfish eat a variety of different smaller fish and if they can find a small one will eat squid. Swordfish do not have many natural predators.
The swordfish's favorite food is squid, and they eat a bunch of them. They also eat all kinds of other fish, octopus, and some shellfish.
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