What Do Tabby Cats Eat?


Tabby cats are the same as other breed of cats. They eat dry and canned cat food found at most grocery stores and pet supply stores. Tabby cats also love raw meat and milk.
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According to The Nest, tabby cats can live anywhere from 15 to 20 years. However, genetics, lifestyle, diet and other factors play a large role in how long a tabby ...
There are many great names one can use when naming a male tabby cat. Some cute tabby cat names include Admiral, Ace, Badger, Apache, Baxter, Aros, Chino, Bugsy ...
Some common names for female tabby cats include Tabby, Tabs, Tiger Lilly, Tiggus and Tigerfuzz. Tabby cats are known for their colorful stripes and dots, which ...
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