What Do Tattoos Symbols Mean?


Tattoos are of different types and each type gives a different meaning; For instance there are animal tattoos, if you get an animal tattoo, it symbolizes the character of that animal. An example here is the Abyssinian cat tattoos which symbolize they are hard working and intelligent.
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1. Become familiar with popular prison tattoos that clue others into gang membership. Watch out for a spider-web tattoo located on the arm or under the arm. This tattoo generally
1. Undertake some research on the internet into some of the tattoo symbols you have seen recently. If you do not know the name, then describe the design to a friend who may have a
The anchor is a symbol of a surface crossing (by boat or ship) of the Atlantic Ocean. A description of what anchor and other tattoo designs mean can be found on the related link.
An octopus symbolizes complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, illusion, variability and insight. [1] The complexity of the design, the diversity of the octopus&rsquo
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The anchor tattoos are a common design. The anchor tattoos have various meanings. It could mean that one is in the navy. It can also be used as a symbol for stability ...
There are many aspects of symbolism when it comes to an octopus tattoo. The image of an octopus has deep meaning. It can mean mystery, complexity, illusion and ...
The symbolism of dove tattoos hold a few different meanings. It has been used as symbol in the Christian faith for many years and it can also be a symbol of peace ...
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