What Do Teacup Pigs Eat?


A teacup pig should be fed specially made food for miniature pigs that can be found at any local feed store. You can also supplement your teacup pigs diet by feeding them lettuce and cucumbers.
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FOOD. Pigs love to eat (what else is new? and the proper type and amount of food he/she gets is very important. There are several companies that make mini pig chow. These feeds are
1. Feed your teacup piglet 1/4 cup of pig feed from your vet or pet store in the morning and evening. Increase this amount as your pig gets older, following the instructions on the
Teacup pigs, also known as miniature or micro pigs are bred to be tiny (between 30-60lbs or so) and kept as domestic pigs. There is a great deal of controversy over them, particularly
A Teacup Pig, also called a "micro-mini" and the Pennywell Miniature Pig, is a rare,
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