What Do Termites Eat?


Termites are usually attacked and eaten by lizards, black bears, anteaters, army ants, flies, spiders, nematodes and fire ants. It is estimated that the anteater can eat over ten thousand termites in one single day.
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What Do Termites Eat?
Termites are social insects that cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops and forests worldwide, especially in areas with a warm and damp climate. Although termite activity can create problems for humans, they are ecologically important for... More »
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Termites eat anything that has cellulose. Some of these materials are: wood, cardboard, books, cotton and plant fibres as well as paper. Termites can also chew on carpets, furniture and flooring in addition to window frames.
That's a good question. Everyone knows that termites eat wood. However, did you know that termites also eat paper, cloth, carpet, and your furniture?
Termites eat different food depending on their species. Termites can eat grass, wood, or other forms of sugars and starches from wooden structures or trees.
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