What do the colors mean on a mood ring?


The ever-changing colors of a mood ring represent the wearer's mood at any given moment. For instance, blue represents a feeling of calm, and black represents severe stress and tension. Mood rings are designed with liquid crystal that changes color when the body temperature is raised or lowered, similar to a liquid crystal thermometer.

A mood ring stone consists of 14 interchangeable colors. White represents frustration and confusion. Brown signifies restlessness. Pink correlates with uncertainty, and yellow represents imagination and contemplation. Orange represents stimulation, and bright red means excitement. Purple represents clarity. A grey mood stone signifies anxiousness and worry, and a dark blue stone represents a deep feeling of passion and love. A green mood stone signifies that the wearer is in an average mood with minimal stress. Green is also the most common color for a mood ring stone that is not in use.

While many people consider the mood ring to be a novelty item, there is definitely a correlation between body temperatures and moods. When an individual is under stress, it is common for his surface temperature to drop. When people are in love, they often exhibit a flushed or glowing appearance. This is actually a rise in body temperature triggered by strong emotions.

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What Do the Colors on a Mood Ring Mean?
A mood ring changes colors depending on your body temperature. If you see black, this is the coolest of all body temperatures while blue signifies a warm body temperature. Many people interpret the color on the mood ring to decipher what they are feeling... More »
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