Meanings for F1 to F12?


The F1 through F12 keys on a computer keyboard are popularly known as function keys. Their functions depends on what programs are been used and on active operating system. These keys can also be combined with other keys to perform additional tasks.
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F1=Help. F2=Rename Desktop Icon. F3=Find. F4=Address Bar Autocomplete. F5=Refresh(on a webpage) F6=Move cursor in structure (Address-Tool-Web) F7=Caret Browsing. F8=Enter Safe Mode
The F1 through F12 keys are functions. They are all shortcuts. For example F1 is usually help menu, F5 is refresh, and F11 is full screen. Esc really has no function on newer computers
I'm sorry about Vista. The function keys already perform a lot of useful tasks on an application by application basis, browsers (F5 to refresh, F11 to go full screen). However, if
Hi, Go to this website and you will get all the functions of F1-F12 keys. The explanation/functions of these keys is too long that won't fit here.
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The F1 and F12 keys on your keyboard are referred to as function keys. Pressing the F1 key will open the help screen for the computers program or will open the ...
The function keys are the top-most row of keys on your keyboard F1 through F12. ...
On a standard computer, the F1 - F12 keys are called function keys. These keys can be programmed to do certain functions and generally have default actions already ...
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