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Depending on the type of ring that you have some markings indicate the karats of your ring for example inside you may see 14k, 18k, and 10k.
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If the metal looks like silver, it is probably part of "925" the designation for sterling.
1. Place the ring on the preset rotary axis of the engraving machine. 2. Make sure that the design to be engraved is in the required software format for the engraving machine. Limit
Hello Henry and thank you for your inquiry. The numbers and letters that you have on your ring are probably the manufacturer/design number of the piece. Normally when I see MEX I
The "14K" would mean that the ring is 14 karat
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The most common marks and stamps inside rings are used to identify metals, carat weights, manufacturer, trade marks, jeweler or designer.
If you look inside the shank of your ring (the band on the bottom or side), you'll usually see the Karat Stamp. More than likely it will be shown as 10k, 14k, 18k or Plat.
If you are graduating from high school or college some people choose to have the inside of there ring engraved, they might put a name or initials.
The meaning of markings inside one's ring depends completely on what the markings are. Many marking represent a special event, date or even a statement.
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Numbers stamped etched or engrave inside a ring normally mean the carat weight of the ring. Therefore the 925 means the ring has 925 carats. ...
The stamp inside the rings is a hallmark indicating the metal content and quality of the ring.Every country has its own system of hallmarking. ...
A 585 marking on gold jewelry means that the piece is 58.5 percent pure gold. This is typical of 14-karat gold. In a yellow gold ring, the remaining metal is usually ...
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