What Do Turtles Eat?


Turtles are preyed upon by animals such as Sharks, man, foxes and gulls. The latter two mainly prey on the hatchlings of turtles as the adults are too large for them. Turtle eggs are also fed on by their predators.
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What do turtles eat? That depends on the turtle, of course, but most turtles are omnivores. That means, just like humans, they eat both plant food and meat. However, they should never
Bearded vultures seize turtles and fly high above the ground to release the reptile, typically over rocky ground or onto large rocks or boulders. These vultures will repeat the exercise
Well, pretty much anything that can get into the shell. Like foxes, dogs, (sometimes) wolves, like i said a carnivorous animals.
All but one species of seaturtles are primarily carnivorous, feeding on sponges, mollusks, crustaceans, barnacles, sea urchins, or fish. The green seaturtle is primarily herbivorous
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Turtles have diets that vary by species. Common food sources include sea vegetation, small crustaceans, molluscs, sea sponges cnidarians, and other soft bodied creatures.
Turtles prefer eating meat, on the other hand the River Cooters diet comprises primarily of plants, then the Malayan Box Turtles feed should include lots of plants with only a small amount of meat, while the American Box Turtle is an omnivore which eats just about everything, and the Chinese 3-Striped Box Turtles diet comprises mostly of meat. Then there is the Red-Eared Slider, which begins by eating worms and bugs, but turns into an omnivore as it matures.
It depends on what kind of turtle you are taking about. It also depends on how old a turtle is. Most turtles eat plants and other small creatures down the food chain.
Different turtles are known to have different diets. Many are omnivores and will eat plants and insects. Some even like to eat fish. If you have a pet turtle you can feed him crickets, or you can purchase a pet food specially formulated to meet his nutritional needs. You can find more information here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-do-turtles-eat.html
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Sharks eat Green Sea Turtles. However, a bigger enemy of the Green Sea Turtle is man. Turtles get caught in fishing nets and plastic and are left to die. ...
Turtles, such as the fresh water turtles have a number of predators which include crocodiles, alligators, jaguars and caimans. The sea turtles have predators such ...
There are a variety of sharks that will eat adult sea turtles. The eggs and little of springs are most likely eaten by raccoons, foxes, dogs, seabirds etc. ...
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