What Do Voles Eat?


There are several animals that eat a vole and they include fox, coyotes, hawks, and owls. A vole is a small rodent that is similar to a mouse but has a stout body, short hairy tail and a slightly rounded head.
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Voles eat grasses, fruits and seeds. Some voles also eat insects and small, dead animals.
The diets of voles vary according to season and geographical region. In most cases, voles eat nearly any type of green plant, roots, leaves, seeds, grasses, fruit and underground fungi. When the green food is not readily available, they will eat bark and twigs.
Voles are herbivorous animals, meaning that they eat plants. They sometimes eat meat, but only by accident. They mainly eat nuts, berries, seeds and other kinds of vegetation. You can find more information here: http://www.unitedwildlife.com/AnimalsVoles.html#c
Voles are a member of the rodent family. Their diet consist mostly of vegetation such as grasses, clovers, roots or even tree bark. They have also been known to consume insects at times.
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