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A wasp is a flying insect. There are more than 100,000 species of wasps and a lot of them have venomous stings. Unlike a bee, they do not die after they use their sting. Baby wasps or larvae eat other insects. Adult wasps hunt for food by stinging it and bringing it back to the nest for their baby wasps or larvae to consume. These adults also feed on nectar, pollen, fallen fruit, and other dead insects. Aggressive wasps will invade honey bee hives and steal honey or even drink the blood of honey bees. They also eat any sweet substance such as jam, cake, and other human food.
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Fotolia.com Wasps are primarily predators, and consume a wide range of insects and other invertebrates, as well as nectar, tree sap and other sweets. However, wasps are not immune
bees, fruit,
The following are vertebrates that feed on wasps: numerous species of birds, skunks,
Wasps have many different eating habits. Some very small wasps are born inside other living insects. These wasps feed on the living insects in which they are born. These small wasps
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Wasps eat nectar.
Adult wasps prefer sweet foods like nectar, ice cream and jam. Wasp grubs on the other hand are carnivorous and the adults normally bring them prey which is mostly other insects. As the grubs get fed, they exude a sweet liquid which the adults lap up.
Wasps eat a wide range of invertebrates including spiders, caterpillars, ants, bees, and flies
Parasitic wasps consume most of their food in the form of nectar. Non-parasitic wasps feed on insects, spiders, and any dead animals they may happen to come across.
Wasps eat a variety of things. They eat spiders, ants, flies, and bees. Wasps also collect and consume honeydew. Wasps are suspected of eating nesting birds, as well.
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Wasps love to chew on wood due to the cellulose content in wood. Wasps often attack decks and house siding that have been left unprotected. One of the most effective ...
Spiders eat wasps. Any spider that is a large orb weaving spider will eat the wasps that get trapped in the web. The tarantula hawk wasp actually hunt and kill ...
Spiders can be eaten by birds, wasps, bats and shrews. Wasps usually sting spiders, paralysing them before feeding on them or laying eggs on them, so that the ...
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