What Do Water Bugs Look like?


Water bugs look similar to cockroaches in many ways. They have an oval-shaped body, with over-sized front and back legs for capturing prey and skimming across water. They are a light to medium brown color.
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Water Bug
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta
Order: Blattaria Family: Blattidae Genus: Blatta
Species: Blatta orientalis
Blatta orientalis, the Oriental Cockroach, is common world-wide. There is no country that is free of the presence of this insect. Combined with Blatta germanica, the Oriental Cockroach is present in approximately ten per cent of properties... More »
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Water bugs are also known as the oriental cockroach. These bugs are a dark brown or black in color. The male is larger than the female. It measures about one and a quarter inch long. The water bug does have wings but in not able to fly.
Water bugs are also knows as the oriental cockroach. These bugs are dark brown or black in color. They do have wings but are not able to fly. The female water bug is smaller in size than the male.
A giant water bugs is a large insect which can grow up to 10 centimetres long. It has piercing, sucking mouth parts and short pointed beak below its head. The insect feeds on prey which comprises of vertebrates like tadpoles, salamanders and small fish.
Water bugs resemble a roach if they are not looked at closely. The water bug is a harmless creature that is brownish-black in color and is about 1 to 2 inches long.
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