What Do Wolves Eat?


Wolves eat a lot of meat, because they are carnivores. They can eat anything from elk or moose to bugs and worms. They generally eat old, sick, or weak animals to save energy.
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Wolves eat hoofed mammals, seals, fish, rodents and birds.
Wolves will eat a variety of foods. They will eat bison, deer, rabbits, fox, mice, beaver, birds, muskrats, berries and fruits. Wolves live in packs and will hunt for prey together.
Wolves are meat eaters. They eat any kind of animal that they can find such as mice, rodents, other small animals, mice and fish. Wolves eat every six hours or so, but can go longer if needed.
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Wolves are carnivore, so they mainly feed on meat. They prey on various animals including: caribou, elk, moose, deer, and bison. These animals also eat eggs, small ...
They gray wolf is the largest member of the canine family. It will eat ungulates or other large hoofed mammals. They are scavengers and will eat animals that have ...
Cougars, bears, and wolves are animals that have been known to kill and eat wolverines. While humans do not eat them, humans kill wolverines for their fur. ...
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