What Do Wooly Worms Eat?


Woolly worms eat a variety of vegetation, such as cabbage, spinach, grass, and clover. To protect themselves from predators, they will curl up into balls, exposing only their bristles. They are a caterpillar that will eventually morph into the Isabella Tiger Moth.
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leaves if very hungry eat fruit tree leaves.
Woolly worms eat weeds, which makes them less of a threat to plant lovers in some areas.
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1 Look for wooly worms under rocks and inside hollow logs. 2 Examine the wooly worm, paying attention to its bands of colors. The wooly worm will curl into a ball when touched or
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The woolly bear worm is actually a caterpillar, not a worm. There are actually several species of woolly bear worms and they each have a different diet. You can find more information here: http://www.allaboutworms.com/the-wooly-bear-wooly-worm-woolly-worm
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The woolly mammoths were known to be grazers feeding on mixture of sledges, grass, and rushes. Woolly mammoths are the extinct species of the elephant genus. ...
Wooly worms do not turn into butterflies. These are known as grub worms, and they just continue to get larger and larger. They don't ever change into anything. ...
The habitat of a wooly mammoth is generally cold and windy. The creatures prefer a tundra-like terrain. Grasslands are preferred so that the herds can eat and ...
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