What Do Yorkies Eat?


To those who wonder what do Yorkies eat, they can be fed with nutritious commercial or homemade food. Yorkies have sensitive stomachs and require being fed a regular diet. If not fed with their usual food, they may experience vomiting or diarrhea.
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There are many choices of dog food. Options such as commercially made dry and canned, as well as homemade dog food are to be considered when feeding a pet. Most commercially made
a Yorkie can eat dry food for dogs. It can also eat treats but if you have to be careful what you choose because it can get cavities real easy.
Eukanuba Yorkshire Terrier Formula Dry Dog Food is a great type of food to feed a Yorkshire
we gave ours pedigree canned and some crunchy too and lots of clean fresh water though if small yorkie they sometimes need a burst of sugar we would give ours a sip of regular orange
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Yorkies eat dog food like any other dog. Human food is not usually recommended for dogs as this may not meet all their nutritional requirements. Once your dog becomes accustomed to human food, it may be hard to get them back onto dog food.
Yorkies eat dry dog food that is specifically made for small dog breeds, such as Iams for small dogs. You can give them wet dog food or small dog treats on occasion.
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