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A female horse is called a mare if it's an adult horse of over 3 years old. A filly refers to a female horse that is below 3 years of age. The female parent of a horse is referred to as a dam.
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A female Horse is called a mare or dam.
A female horse is called a filly while the male is called a stallion. Most horses are born at night and they can stand up within one hour after being born. A horse's height is calculated in hands and it belongs to the equus family.
A female horse over the age of four is called a mare
A female horse is referred to as a mare. When a female horse is young, they are known as a filly. Another interesting fact is that in the United Kingdom, a female donkey is referred to as a mare.
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A baby female horse is known as a filly. At this age which is under 4 years, it is too young to be called a mare. A baby male horse is referred to as a colt. A ...
A female horse that is strictly used for breeding is called a broodmare, a female horse under 4 years old is called a filly and a female horse over 4 is called ...
Young female horses are called fillies while young males are called ponies. Foal is a unisex term for young horses, so it refers to both young male and female ...
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