What Do You Call a Group of Owls?


If you love words, a really fun game is to look up the names for different groups of animals. Often, the group name is a word that also has a completely different meaning. A group of owls, for example, is usually called a parliament of owls or a stare of owls.
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A group of Owls is called a parliament.
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A group of owls is known as a parliament of owls. An owl is a bird species that belongs to the order Strigiformes. It is easy to identify an owl due to its small ...
The owl is considered wise because it has been used by people from ancient times as a symbol of wisdom. People believed that the owl's very serious look was a ...
A baby owl can be called a owlet or a fledgling. Unlike most other animals, owls do not have specific names to refer to the male or female. ...
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