What Do You Call a Group of Penguins?


A group of penguins is known as a colony, a rookery or a waddle (when the penguins are on land). The term raft is used to refer to a group of penguins floating in the ocean.
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A group of Penguins is called a colony.
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Penguins have pretty simple names. They are referred to as either a male, female, or chick. If they are traveling in a group, they are called a rookery.
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When more than two penguins gather, the group can be referred to as a huddle of penguins. Larger groups can be described as a rookery, and if the numbers of penguins ...
Penguin male is called a male and a female penguin is called a female. Young penguins are called chicks, penguins in a group are known as rockery. Penguins are ...
Female penguins are called feguins and the male ones are called menguins. Baby penguins are referred to as chicks. The tallest and heaviest of all living penguins ...
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