A Male Turkey Is Called a?


A male turkey is called a tom, a cock or a gobbler, while a female turkey is referred to as a hen. The common turkey is native to North America and its domestication is attributed to the Indians of pre-Columbian Mexico. The male turkey can attain a maximum weight of about 10kg and roast turkey has become a Christmas customary dish in most European countries.
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A male Wild Turkey is called a gobbler or a tom.
A male turkey is called a tom. It has a red, fleshy stretches of skin and bulbous growths that are located around the head and neck region. A group of turkeys is called a flock.
Male turkeys are called stags, cocks, toms or gobblers. Female ones are called hens and are substantially smaller than the males. Male turkeys are polygamous and try to mate with as many hens as possible.
Tom is the name used to describe a male turkey. The male turkey can grow to about thirty pounds. Turkeys are domestic birds but were originally bred from wild turkeys.
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