What Do You Do after You Get the Seventh Gym Badge in Pokemon Soul Silver?


After you get the 7th Gym Leader in Pokemon Soul Silver, it's on to the 8th. First, make sure you get the Silver Wing so you can get to Lugia. In order to get it, you'll have to defeat Team Rocket in Goldenrod City.
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You should get a call about radio signals. Go to Goldenrod City and check out the radio tower. You will find it full of Team Rocket people. You need to clear that before you can pass
From here, there are several different places you can go.
Go east of cinnabar island intill you see the seafoam islands Anonymous
2 badges level 30 and below. 4 badges level 50 and below. 6 badges level 70 and below. 8 badges any level. Same as always, the kanto badges do nothing.
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After beating the 8th gym leader in Pokemon Soul Silver go behind the gym and surf over to the dragon training area. Once you beat a few of the trainers and answer ...
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