What Do You Do If You Pulled Out a Hangnail and It Hurts like Hell?


Unfortunately, you'll have to endure the pain. It'll be over in a few minutes. Nothing is as painful as a hangnail. You can put your finger in ice, and that will help subside the pain a little also.
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wrap a band aid around the finger somewhat snug to stop the throbbing and take some ibuprofen. You will keep making it worse and this will help a lot! I promise. I am a big nail biter
Show no mercy. Super wedgie, purple nurple and then give him a knee. Even if it means a penalty make the pain you inflict so bad he'll never want to start again. Also realize that
Get him in an obedience class and no matter what.DO NOT BITE HIS EAR! That's a good way to get your face bitten! He needs training (and you do too) on what he can and can not bite
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