What do you feed a baby squirrel?


A baby squirrel is supposed to be fed on scalded milk with a small 1 c.c. syringe very slowly 4 times a day, every 5 hours. You can also give it water with an eye dropper or let it lick water off your finger.
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Baby squirrels can have the same diet adult squirrels. Their diets consists of vegetables, fruits, dried foods, nuts and seeds. When faced with hunger, they also eat insects, meats, eggs and small birds.
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Baby squirrels are called infants while in the nest. Then for their first year they're usually referred to as Juveniles. After the first year, they become adults ...
Baby squirrels are fed on: green beans, peas, and small pieces of corn on the cob, lettuce, cucumbers, cauliflower, mushrooms, apples and strawberries. They can ...
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