What Do You Feed Tadpoles?


Some of the foods you can feed tadpoles include algae, liver, fish, and lettuce. Ensure tadpoles are in pond water or rain water and not tap water. It takes about 12 weeks for them to be frogs.
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1. Place the tadpoles into a clean, smooth-sided container such as a glass aquarium or fishbowl. There should be approximately one gallon of warm water for every one tadpole in the
Animals that eat tadpoles are mainly birds that live around the water, turtles and large fish. And if your hungry enough.
Replace insects with lettuce or plain-dry dog food. Don't worry; your tadpole will be
take collard greens spinach mustard greens turnip green's wich ever & get water to boil and put wich ever in there for like 1 min or so if u see his/her tail getting shorter dont
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Feeding the tadpoles highly depends a bit on their species, although most are herbivores that prefer eating thawed leafy lettuce or spinach. High quality flake fish meal and crushed algae tablets is also good for the tadpole as long as they are not overfed to prevent water pollution.
There are plenty of things you can feed your tadpoles such as lettuce and spinach. Simply freeze lettuce or spinach first to make it soften as it thaws. This will make it easier for them to eat. You can feed your tadpoles little amounts twice a day.
Tadpoles are herbivores and feed on plants and algae. Some species are omnivores and eat detritus and even other tadpoles. Tadpoles eat a wide variety of food. During the early developmental stage, the tadpole feeds on its own yolk sacks, in order to grow and develop. One day after hatching, the tadpole starts to absorb oxygen through its skin and eats the remainder of yolk in its intestine. Within 2-3 days, it opens its mouth and its external gills start working. After that, it becomes vegetarian. The major food for tadpoles includes plants, algae and other microscopic things in the water. They also feed on fish food, lettuce, egg yolk and baby cereal.
Tadpoles can be fed on algae, lettuce,fish food, insects and freeze-dried flys.
You feed tadpoles tadpole food that you can purchase from your local pet store. You can also make tadpole food. You can boil lettuce for about 15 minutes. Chop it up into little pieces. Allow the lettuce to cool off. You can find more information here: http://www. live-tadpoles. com/what-do-tadpoles-eat. html
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