What Do You Say at a Church Anniversary?


At a church anniversary, you are required to talk about the growth of the church since its inception and the lives that it has impacted. A Bible verse such as Ephesians 4:16, would be the most appropriate way to start the speech. Also, be courteous and remember to thank the clergy for their good work.
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Church anniversary messages are often given by the church's senior pastor. The messages talks about the history of the church and how it has touched the lives of its members. All church members often gather to take part in celebrating, honoring, and remembering the church.
The message you should say at a church anniversary should express your feelings on how the church has touched your life. Talk about the past memories of the church. if the church has been around for many years state how God must be looking over the church.
A number of things can be said on a church anniversary. The past of a particular church can be discussed. The good things that have happened to the people who visited the church in recent times can be discussed.
Traditionally, anniversaries are a wonderful time to look back on the past and achievements. A church anniversary is a great time remember all the church has done since it's founding, and how much they have grown. It never hurts to talk about the future as well, plans and events to come leave the listener excited for things ahead.
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