What Do You Think of the Digitalization of Business Cards?

LinkedIn recently acquired CardMunch, the iPhone application that scans, transcribes, and organizes business cards. While the application used to come at a price, the service is now offered free of charge. What are your thoughts on digital business cards? What do you think about this acquisition?(Link: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/linkedin_to_offer_free_business_card_scanning_with.php)


Miles Austin ("The Web Tools Guy" - Sales & Marketing Technologist, Fill the Funnel)
Net answer - Brilliant. Benefits over other solutions include:

1) 100% accurate, unlike other scanning services which achieve 90% at best.
2) Ability to immediately send a follow-up email is big time saver and adds personal touch.
3) Ability to send connection request for LinkedIn immediately, rather than get to it later.

Other solutions like Bump only work if devices are compatible.

QR Codes on business cards is a rapidly growing practice. I fully expect that you will see the integration of QR Code readers into both CardMunch and LinkedIn in the near future. This will make the need to scan and convert the card from image unnecessary

Until then, CardMunch is the most productive way to enter business contacts.
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