What Do You Use to Measure Air Pressure?


Air pressure is measured using a barometer. A mercury barometer is made of a glass tube with a height of 84cm and a mercury filled reservoir at the base. The mercury in it works by creating a vacuum at the top of the tube and adjusting depending on the strength of the air pressure.
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Air pressure is measured by use of the barometer. The barometer consists of a long glass tube which is closed on one end and filled with mercury. It works by balancing the mercury against the pressure of air that is outside.
When you want to measure the air you would use a Barometer. You can make one yourself. Most of the things you would have at home. Some are: balloon, rubber band, scissors, glue and shoe-box. You can find more information here: http://www.ciese.org/curriculum/weatherproj2/en/docs/barometer.shtml
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