What Do You Wear to a Christening?


Visitors to the christening party should wear ordinary afternoon clothes and the godmother and godfather should put on formal afternoon clothes. The mother to the child should avoid wearing black and wear a light coloured afternoon dress.
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Traditional gowns are often handed down through the family. For centuries, a long white gown, white cap tied at the chin and white booties have been the traditional christening outfit
This question has a rather subjective quality to it, and therefore may be subject to differing opinions on the subject. My answer also presumes the christening is within a Christian
This is going to sound like a wise-guys answer, but not intended to.....An ankle length dress of some
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Christening Gowns and rompers are suitable for christening ceremonies.
A christening is one of the special occasions in which you can wear a dress or skirt and blouse if you are a woman. If you are a man, you can dress in khakis and a button down shirt or a suit. Make sure what you put on is something suitable for a church environment. Wear light, neutral or any other colour apart from black.
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A mother should wear a nice dress to a christening while the father should wear a buttoned up shirt and a tie. They should avoid being too fancy and therefore ...
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