What Do You Wear to a Funeral?


If you want to dress traditional, wear a black suit for guys, and a black dress. Usually people wear black to a funeral.
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What to wear to a funeral differs from culture to culture. For instance, some cultures prefer black while others prefer white. However, there are some general rules that cut across all cultures such as avoiding casual wears like jeans.
Today, there are no rules about what a member of the deceased family should wear. Most people do tend to wear black as a mark of respect though it is not prohibited to wear any colour you want. If you would feel more comfortable then you can just add a splash of colour to the more traditional black outfit rather than wearing a brightly colored outfit.
You typically wear black formal attire to a funeral. Common attire for women is a black dress, black heels, and black hat. Men wear black slacks and a nice black shirt, or a tuxedo.
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