What to Wear to a Masquerade Ball?


A masquerade ball is an event in which the participants attend wearing a mask. Acceptable costumes for this event are Victorian-era costumes, antebellum-era dresses, Renaissance outfits, and flapper-style garments. Other popular choices for masquerade costumes are king and queen costumes, Mardi grass costumes as well, such as colourful jester outfits or ruffled dresses with a Latin American flair.
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If you are going to a masquerade ball, stick to the theme of the ball. If it is Victorian, Shakespeare or the 1920s. Dress formerly or informally according to the host's specifications. Have masks to go with the theme as they also conceal the identity of someone and also add detail to the outfit. You can also wear a wig, hat or make-up. Do not wear a zombie or axe-wielding costume neither scary or gory costumes.
If you are invited to a masquerade ball, you should follow the theme unless there is none. If there is no theme, you should go semi-formal. Masquerade masks must be included in the dress code which could range from a small mask to one which filly covers your face.
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